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We use smart contract mechanisms to digitize all your paperwork

For more than 18 years, ValueCoders has been providing automated document management solutions for startups and enterprises worldwide. Our tech-driven document management solutions help in reducing the overall drafting time of formal documents, including government drafts, financial statements, employment contracts, and invoices.

Since document management is an intensive process, we utilize reusable document templates to ease the workflow. Our automated document solutions provide template creation & management, document output & distribution, security & compliance, document automation consulting, automated document implementation, etc.

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ValueCoders Offers A Range Of Document Management Solutions

Our document management solutions offer unique functionalities that fulfills our client’s objectives. Here, we have curated a list of our document management solutions:

Documentation Automation Consulting

Our dedicated teams analyze your document workflows and types to choose documents for the automation process
  • Platform-based or custom development
  • Suggest integrations based on sources
  • Prioritize features for automated document solutions

Document Generation & Management

We help you create intelligent document templates via automated data extraction or using interview form answers
  • Batch-wise document generation
  • Default e-signature
  • Document assembly workflow

Template Creation & Management

Our document management solutions provide a smart template editor consisting of dynamic fields & interview forms for developing templates using complex branching logic
  • Conversion of electronic documents into smart templates
  • AI-based document scanning using OCR software
  • Centralized database for intelligent templates

Document Output & Distribution

We use the latest technologies and advanced frameworks/tools to automatically extract information from your documents and add them to your database with greater speed, accuracy, and consistency
  • Automated sharing of final output
  • Output in multiple formats viz. pdf, ppt, Docx
  • Mobile access & signature capture

Documentation Automation Implementation

Our experts first analyze all the technical requirements for documentation automation software and then implement platform-based or custom documentation solution
  • Integration with enterprise systems
  • Provide quality assurance
  • Post-implementation support

Document Security & Compliance

In today's complex regulatory environment, our solutions comply with information protection and privacy laws while ensuring your information is secure against leaks and hacks
  • Document compliance management
  • Data encryption & multifactor authentication
  • Proper backup & recovery

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Benefits Of Our Document Management Solutions

Our document management solutions help you meet your investment objectives with ease. Know all benefits here

Easy Integration

With data sources such as CRM, enterprise resource programs, databases, or email accounts, business information can be pulled into intelligent documents.

Cost & Time Saving

Our advanced document management system automates processes and reduces the need for human oversight, freeing up time for us to get more done.

Better Compliance

Our regulatory compliance document management system minimizes legal risks and reduces non-compliance costs to create an environment where all licenses are met or exceeded.

Offline Mobile Access

Our smart solutions allow users to create documents at any time, anywhere, and on any device without an internet connection.

No-Code Template Editor

Our no-code template editor allows non-technical people to create smart and innovative document templates

Enable Security Features

Our document management solutions ensure compliance with governmental and industry-specific regulations like GDPR, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, and more.

Why Choose ValueCoders As Your Document Management Partner?


Since 2004, our team’s domain knowledge and expertise have enabled us to serve diverse businesses from different industries and of different sizes.

From startups to big enterprises, development organizations to digital agencies, and SMEs to Governments, we cater to all their varied requirements. Our commitment to quality and safety has enabled us to lead the market, becoming the top document management solutions company.

  • Experienced software developers
  • Cost-effective services
  • IP-rights protection
  • Flexible engagement options
  • Smooth communication
  • Best development practices
  • On-time delivery
  • A large pool of varied talent
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified processes
Valuecoders Valuecoders

In-Partnership With Amazing Companies Globally

As a top document management solutions company in India, we have the privilege of working with some amazing companies from all over the globe and becoming a part of the best tech consulting firms.

  • 4200+ Projects Successful
  • 97%+ Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • 2500+ Global Clients
  • 38+ Countries
  • 650+ Full-Time Software Developers

Ultimate User Guide to Understanding Document Management

What is document management?

Document management is the process of organizing and tracking digital documents. In a business setting, this often includes creating and managing electronic files, as well as controlling access to those files.

Document management systems allow authorized users to access and edit documents from any computer or mobile device with internet access. This flexibility helps organizations keep their data synchronized across multiple locations. Additionally, version control features help ensure that no unauthorized changes are made to documents.

What are the key benefits of a document management system?

A document management system can help you organize your documents and make them easy to find. It can also help you share documents with others and work on them collaboratively. A document management system can also help you keep track of changes to documents and control who can access them.

Here are the key benefits of a document management system:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity: A document management system can help streamline document-related processes, making it easier and faster for employees to find the information they need. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace.
  • Reduced costs: A document management system can help reduce the costs associated with printing, storing, and managing documents.
  • Better security: A document management system can help improve the security of documents by providing features such as password protection and access control. This can help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  • Improved compliance: A document management system can help improve compliance with internal and external regulations. This can help ensure that documents are properly managed and archived.
  • Better customer service: A document management system can help improve customer service by providing features such as automatic document routing. This can help ensure that documents are delivered to the appropriate recipient promptly.

What are the formats used in storing documents in the documents management system?

Some common document management system formats include PDF, Word, and Excel. However, many other formats can be used, depending on the organization’s needs. For example, some organizations may store their documents in a format specific to their industry or field.

  • PDF is a popular format because it is both portable and secure. It can be read on many different devices and cannot be easily changed or edited without leaving behind a digital trail. PDFs can also be password protected and signed electronically, making them a good choice for documents that need to be kept confidential.
  • Word is a popular choice for documents that must be edited or changed frequently. It allows users to create and format text documents very easily. Word documents can also be password protected, making them a good choice for confidential documents.
  • Excel is a popular choice for spreadsheets and other data-heavy documents. It is easy to use and can be password protected, making it a good choice for confidential documents. Excel can also be used to create charts and graphs, which can help visualize data.

What are the types of the document management system?

There are three basic types of document management systems: manual, imaging, and electronic.

  • A manual document management system (DMS) is one in which the documents are physically stored in folders or cabinets. To find a particular document, the user must search through all the folders or cabinets until they find it. This can be time-consuming, and it’s often difficult to track down a document when needed.
  • An imaging document management system (DMS) is one in which the documents are scanned and stored as images. To find a particular document, the user must search through all the scanned images until they find it. This can also be time-consuming, and it’s often difficult to track down a document when needed.
  • An electronic document management system (DMS) is one in which the documents are stored electronically, usually in a database. The user can search through the database using keywords or other criteria to find a particular document. This is a much faster and more efficient way to manage documents, and it’s easier to track down a document when you need it.

What are the components of document management?

Document management is a critical part of any business or organization, as it helps to ensure that documents are properly captured, indexed, and stored for retrieval when needed. An effective document management system can help to improve efficiency and productivity while also reducing the risk of lost or misplaced documents.

It typically includes the capture, storage, retrieval, and destruction of electronic and physical documents. It also encompasses processes for controlling the creation, modification, and distribution of documents.

The components of document management are:

  • Document capture: This is the process of capturing documents from their sources, such as paper documents or electronic files.
  • Document indexing: This is the process of assigning keywords and other metadata to documents so they can be easily found and retrieved.
  • Document retrieval: This is the process of finding and retrieving documents based on their index keywords or other metadata.
  • Document storage: This is the process of storing captured and indexed documents in a secure location.
  • Document destruction: This is destroying captured and/or stored documents once they are no longer needed.

Why should I hire a document management solution provider from India?

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a document management solution provider from India. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Document management solutions providers from India are known for their cost-effectiveness. They offer high-quality services at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for similar services from providers in other countries.
  2. Quality: They have a team of highly skilled professionals who are experts in their field and can help you manage your assets effectively and efficiently.
  3. Experience: Indian document management solution providers have years of experience in providing quality services to clients all over the world. They know the ins and outs of the document management industry and can offer you the best possible solution for your needs.
  4. Flexibility: They can tailor their services to meet your specific requirements and can even work with you on a project basis if you prefer.
  5. Scalability: They can easily increase or decrease the scope of their services according to your changing requirements.
  6. Reliability: They have a proven track record in delivering quality services to their clients and can be trusted to do the same for you.
  7. Customer service: They will go out of their way to ensure that you are satisfied with their services and will always be available to answer any queries that you may have.
  8. Technology: Indian document management solution providers use the latest technology to deliver their services. This ensures that you get the best possible results from their services.

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FAQs Related To Document Management

Why should I select ValueCoders for document management solutions?

Throughout all projects done to date, we aim to transform our strengths into competitive advantages for our customers. By partnering with ValueCoders, you get access to 650+ specialists with in-depth knowledge across various domains of information technologies and verticals.

For the past 17 years, we have been delivering document management solutions worldwide. Our business domain knowledge, proven methodologies, and technology expertise of skilled software professionals yield high-quality solutions that add value to businesses.

From Startups to Enterprises, Product Companies to Digital Agencies, and SMEs to Governments, we cater to them all for their diverse technology requirements. Our utmost effort allows us to lead the market of top software companies.

Our cost-effective, professional and proactive IT management services delivery makes us one of the best-in-class document management companies in India.

Can you tell me about some of the clients you have worked with so far?

We are a leading India-based document management company with over 500+ clients from across the globe, including reputed enterprises like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and L’Oreal. We offer a wide range of services such as web development, mobile app development, document management solution, and more.

Our clients are SMEs, enterprises, ISVs, and digital agencies. Besides, we have served clients from different industry verticals, including healthcare, education, retail, publishing, FMCG, real estate, etc. We also have top clients from other regions, including North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. ValueCoders has also helped some tech-enabled firms to get customized software development.

Do your document management solutions safe?

ValueCoders is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and our solutions are highly secure and compliant with the industry’s best practices. We have a team of dedicated security experts who work on keeping our solutions up-to-date with the latest security threats, and we undergo regular third-party audits to ensure the safety of our client’s data.

Our document management solutions protect your data and keep it accessible only to authorized users. In addition, the solutions use state-of-the-art security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

What are the technologies you use for document management systems?

At ValueCoders, we use various technologies for our document management system, depending on the needs of our clients. Some of the most common technologies we use include Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco, and IBM FileNet. We also have experience with other technologies, such as OpenText and Lucene/Solr.

Each technology has its strengths and weaknesses, so we work with our clients to determine which technology best suits their particular needs. For example, if a client needs high flexibility and customizability, then we might recommend Alfresco or Microsoft SharePoint. If a client needs to store and manage a large number of documents, then we might recommend IBM FileNet.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

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