How ValueCoders Developed An E-Commerce Trading Website Application Using Angular?

Online trading has always been a great source of income for many individuals, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. People have started going shopping online rather than going outside. E-Commerce trading provides everything nowadays from a small needle to tables, beds, televisions, etc. Starting an e-Commerce trading business at this current stage can be very beneficial for many individuals. 

E-Commerce trading is one of the best low investment businesses with high return profits, and there is no seasonal income in this business as you can potentially earn 24*7

According to Statista, The total value of global equity trading worldwide was 41.8 trillion U.S. dollars in the third quarter of 2021

Many businesses and organizations are deploying online trading applications, so one of our valuable clients wanted to build an e-commerce online trading platform because of its high demand in the market.

The suite offers businesses and organizations a complete and comprehensive e-commerce marketplace, automatic merchant integration, member/customer management, various integrated multi-currency payment solutions, exceptional payment plans, AI-based reporting, analytics, and Panel-based cloud serverless cutting-edge technology.

Technologies We Used In Developing “Online Trading Platform” 

  • Angular.JS
  • Java
  • MySQL

Angular.JS:  AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework for developing SPA (single-page applications). It is maintained mainly by Google, a community of individuals and corporations

Benefits of Using Angular

  • Effective Cross-Platform Development
  • Improved Speed and Performance
  • More Lightweight Web Applications
  • Readable and Testable Code
  • High Quality of the Application
  • Efficient Problem-Solving Patterns
  • Faster Development Process
  • Excellent Material Design Library

Java:  Java is a high-level, class-based, object-oriented programming language with as few implementation dependencies as possible.

Benefits of Using Java

  • Object-oriented
  • Platform independent
  • Distributed computing
  • Secure
  • Memory Allocation
  • Multi-threaded

MySQL:  MySQL is an open-source relational database management system based on SQL (Structured Query Language). 

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Benefits of Using MySQL

  • Data Security
  • On-demand Scalability
  • High performance
  • Comprehensive transactional support
  • Complete workflow control
  • The flexibility of open source

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The application that the client wanted to make consisted of many variables and functions from a top website development company in India. It offers merchants an inexpensive complete e-commerce platform, including backend infrastructure. 

Merchants can use advanced cloud-based infrastructure tools and payment solutions to build their marketplace and sell their products online. We followed a multi-tenancy architecture, and end customers can register with various clients with a single click.

The client’s wishlist was to create an app that looks simple but attractive, and it was quite a challenge for us because of making an app that should have the latest features with excellent customization and yet simplicity. 

The application was designed, so merchants can operate their business in the cloud, requiring no technical expertise. We used Suite CS marketplace that offers customizable design and layout and is fond of landing pages that need innovative modern style. 

As an excellent Angular.JS development company, the client also asked us to develop a highly configurable online trading application on pricing, product creation, member rating, reviews, listing date range, and active/inactive products. 

We had to design the application so that every merchant can use a Suite CS admin account to customize their content, menu, product, style, layout, font, etc. It was challenging for us to deploy a feature-rich real-time shopping cart in the eCommerce trading app. 

The client was also curious about the SEO, so we used cloud-based serverless technology to make everything happen quickly! You can also set up SEO enabled online eCommerce platform because of that. If you are also looking to develop an application like this, you can hire Angular developer from ValueCoders who can help you make excellent applications. 



This is the first step in the execution of the project. It includes collecting information from stakeholders and documenting it. The final document is based on the SMART rule, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

After documentation, Wireframes have been created that act as a blueprint that defines the platform’s appearance concerning all functionalities.

Designing Phase

After brainstorming and creating wireframes, one of the significant parts comes, which is known as designing. It helps in making the application lively and attractive. 

The UI developer designs every module along with the theme color, and every module is interlinked with functionality having some dummy data in use. Designing is a very crucial part of the development, and we used it to perfection to make the application look better so that merchants can easily use the app for trading. 

Executing Different Approaches

With the designing part, the backend developers like to develop all the initial APIs, and the work for frontend developers is to integrate all available APIs with best practices making all screens dynamic. Our dedicated development team works very hard while executing different approaches as sometimes the result doesn’t come in favor, but we don’t step back and try new and innovative things. 

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Project Delivery As Per Client’s Request

The clients regularly get in touch with developers and tell them about the requirements. The dedicated development team shares and implements their views if the client agrees. 

If there is any case feasibility challenge, developers give the alternative solution and try clients to be in the same phase. We thoroughly get in touch with the client and try to observe what can be better for the client to make the desired project per the client’s imagination. 

This process helps us meet the client’s expectations in the best possible manner and assure the timely delivery of the functions. 

Deployment Phase

After implementing everything comes the main task of testing; testing gives you a better view of your project while using it. Every big or small brand tests its product before launching them just to know their weakness and strong points. 

After the tests, we send the pull requests (PR) for the main branch deployed on the live server after review. We are using AWS servers for all kinds of deployment. We work very hard till the very last so that the client doesn’t think of making a mistake in hiring developers from ValueCoders.

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The client received the final delivery of the app on time and launched it with great interest. ValueCoders delivered all deliverables within a predefined schedule. After the launch, the client was happy to see around 1000 users interact, and merchants approached him to learn more about the app and start working. 

Check out the best features we have given to the e-commerce online trading platform: 

  • Users friendly
  • Mobile-Friendly website
  • High-resolution photos and videos
  • User-generated reviews
  • Special offers
  • Wishlists
  • Find-in Store
  • Related items
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Best security features
  • Advanced payment options
  • Detailed Shipping options
  • Refund and Return policies

These are some main features of the app which the client appreciated after getting feedback from the users. 

After using the application, users also admired the eCommerce online trading application and gave some valuable feedback, which excited the client and us. Creating these cutting-edge solutions requires deep research on the market demand and the user’s mind of what they are searching for. 

You can connect with us if you are also looking to develop some best modern-day solutions and increase the credibility of your business. 

Our main motive is to help small and medium-sized businesses adopt modern-day technologies and help them build the best application to become the modern-day solution. For more business ideas and recent tech trends, stay tuned with us.

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