We have had an amazing journey since our inception in 2004 and have received lots of client testimonials, feedback, and suggestions that helped us serve them better.


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Our Key Clients

We have an array of clients across different regions worldwide, from Europe to Asia Pacific, and the USA. They keep coming back to us for the high-quality service we offer. Look at the list of some of our most reputed clients worldwide.

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Customer Success Stories

We have 6800+ happy clients across the globe. Have a look at some success stories of our clients:

"Huge thank you to ValueCoders; they have been a massive help in enabling us to start developing our project within a few weeks, so it's been great! There have been two small bumps in the road, but overall, It's been a fantastic service. I have already recommended it to one of my friends."

Mohammed Mirza Director, LOCALMASTERCHEFS LTD

ValueCoders is our go-to partner to help us realize our software needs; they are supportive, friendly, and always ready to help us when we face difficulties in the project. 10/10 would recommend.

Michelle Fno CEO, Miscato Limited

"ValueCoders had great technical expertise, both in front-end and back-end developmen. Other project management was well organized. Account management was friendly and always available. I would give ValueCoders ten out of ten!"

Kris Bruynson Director, Storloft

We got an awesome product! I would highly recommend ValueCoders to anyone for their professional attitude & customer care. Hope success to them!

Mr. Savarni Founder- sbspco.com

We have been working with ValueCoders for the last year now and have deployed multiple developers at different points in time. We are really happy with the support we get from ValueCoders and the resources they provide.

Ramanshu Mahaur Founder & CTO @Spinny

We have worked with ValueCoders for more than a year, and their skilled team has allowed us to scale up during certain projects, thereby allowing our full-time team to focus on core platform functionality. Recommended.

Adam Watts "President & COO, Fintex Advisors"

"The team at ValueCoder really has provided us with exceptional services in creating this one-of-a-kind portal, and it has been a fantastic experience. I was particularly impressed how efficiently and quickly the team always came up with creative solutions to provide us with all the funtionalities within the poral we had requesteed."

Judith Mueller "Executive Director, Mueller Health Foundation"

ValueCoders has accelerated our project and brought a talented developer to our team. We worked with a back-end coder with many years of experience that understood integrations, business strategy and brought new ideas to the table that boosted our UI/UX. I highly recommend connecting with ValueCoders and meeting their team, interviewing a couple of coders, and picking the best one for your project. Thank you for the great work over the last several months!

Michelle Fno "Founder/CEO, Navor LLC"

We have been working with ValueCoders since the start of 2020. After using ValueCoders for one project, we decided to outsource our entire development team to ValueCoders. We really like the flexibility and different skills that ValueCoders offers. We can quickly scale up and down as required. Since outsourcing to ValueCoders, our productivity has substantially increased. I appreciate the way that we have been able to outsource to ValueCoders but still maintain direct communications with the developers and control over their work. Thank you, ValueCoders!

Karl Turnbull "IT Director, Community Systems Foundation."

"We outsourced our website development and coding to ValueCoders, and we are super happy with their services. We'd recommend them for any website development service for business development."

Jame Thompson "edinstitute.com.au"

The team at ValueCoders has been a fantastic asset within our startup business. The senior management provides great support, guidance, and advice to get you up and running with your team. They provided flexible services with both fully retained staff members to join our team and also really flexible resources that we pull in at short notice to help out on specific skills/projects. We had the option to interview all the people working on our business and get to know them before they joined the team. It gave us great confidence that the people joining had already been part of ValueCoders for some time, and their capabilities were known.

Andrew North "Managing Director, BlueLane Holdings Ltd."

"What we found with ValueCoders was they took time. The Project managers took a lot of time to start, to really understand our project before coming up with a contract or what they thought we needed. I had the reassurance from the start that the project Managers knew what type of project I wanted and what my needs were. I find that reassuring and that's really why we chose ValueCoders."

James Kelly "Co-founder, Miracle Choice"

ValueCoders is a very professional development team. I used their expertise in the building of an online comparison tool. We defined a clear scope, and the team designed mock-ups first. With the help of online project tools and Skype Q&A sessions, you can really work together despite the great geographical distance. I would highly recommend the services of ValueCoders as they go the extra mile to deliver a good product.

Gerald van Kooten "Partner at Anders Invest B.V."

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