Benefits Of Hiring Remote Developers

Facing The Talent Crunch? You Are Not Alone!

A recent study shows that 69% of global companies report a talent crunch and difficulty in hiring the right talent.

The baby-boomer generation is retiring and moving out of the active workforce rapidly. It will leave behind a huge gap in the skilled labor supply. Moreover, most millennials are yet not ready to take on these roles due to their lack of experience with many skill sets needed to fill the skill gap. This issue has been largely overlooked by employers who need help filling open positions quickly before they disappear forever!

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Challenges Of Local Hiring

Attracting The Right Talent Attracting The Right Talent

Attracting The Right Talent

Hiring for a specific area or geography can be challenging because the talent pool is limited. You might end up with someone who isn't really qualified, even if they are the best amongst all the applicants!

High Demand, Low Supply High Demand, Low Supply

High Demand, Low Supply

The candidate is bombarded with offers and it's tough to pick just one company. The recruiter needs a witty way of getting them hooked on your offer so they decide & agree on not only what position but also how much money you offer them!

Cost Of Time & Money Cost Of Time & Money

Cost Of Time & Money

There's a shortage of qualified candidates which means it'll take longer for you to find someone, and that can really hurt routine operations & other business responsibilities.

Changing Expectations Of The Workforce Changing Expectations Of The Workforce

Changing Expectations Of The Workforce

The problem with hiring fresh talent is that there are too few qualified people out of college who can fill your positions. They know their worth already and become demanding. Overall also, the younger workforce has many expectations from their workplace.

Remote Hiring Could Be The Solution

Reduced Overhead Costs Reduced Overhead Costs

Reduced Overhead Costs

Office lease rent payments can be an enormous cost, especially during economic downturns. There are also other overhead costs that add to the expenses such as workers’ compensation insurance, furniture, cleaners, and office supplies.

Hire Developers From Anywhere Hire Developers From Anywhere

Hire Developers From Anywhere

Hiring remote employees gives you a chance to hire more talented individuals even if they’re from the other side of the globe. Meanwhile, office employees are limited to the talent you can source within the local area where the office is located or you have to bear the relocation expenses.

Reduced Costs For Workers Reduced Costs For Workers

Reduced Costs For Workers

While you’re getting a huge benefit and savings in remote working, the same goes for your employees. They save on gas, car maintenance, and other traveling costs.

Saved Time For Workers Saved Time For Workers

Saved Time For Workers

Employees have a higher quality of life by cutting out the long commutes to and from work. That is why 14% of Americans actually moved just to live closer to their jobs. However, it’s not always the best decision as there are many factors to consider, such as higher rent costs the closer they are to a larger city.

Increased Worker Retention Increased Worker Retention

Increased Worker Retention

Having the ability to work from home increases employee retention. The ability to avoid the commute is a big selling point to many current and potential employees.

Increased Productivity Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

According to some recent studies working from home can increase productivity by up to 50%

ValueCoders: A Leading Company For Providing Remote Software Developers

When you choose ValueCoders as a remote software development skills & technology partner, you get amazing benefits:

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We Have Worked With Some Amazing Companies Globally

We deliver exceptional technology solutions for world class business in every business industry from dynamic startups and SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. Look at why our clients prefer us as their IT talent supply experts :

  • 4200+ Successful projects
  • 97%+ Customer satisfaction rate
  • 2500+ Global clients
  • 38+ Countries
  • 650+ Full-time software developers

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Q1. Why should I choose ValueCoders for hiring remote developers?

You should choose ValueCoders for hiring remote employees because of several reasons:

  1. We have extensive experience managing remote teams – We have experience in managing and coordinating work between remote employees. This includes overseeing deadlines, communication, and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

2. We maintain good communication – We are good at communicating with clients. This means responding promptly to queries or concerns.

3. We are very well-organized and keep track of tasks and deadlines.

4. We have an excellent reputation and are well-established.

2. We have a proven track record of hiring and retaining top talent.

3. We offer a good benefits package and work/life balance.

4. We have a team of experienced managers to ‌support your remote employees and help them succeed.”

5. We have a lot of experience in finding and screening remote employees, and we know how to set up the right process and tools to ensure that remote employees succeed in their roles.

6. We have policies in place that support telecommuting and remote work. This includes flexible hours, work-from-home arrangements, and allowance for overlap between the employee’s workday and the time zone they’re living in.

Can I test or try coders before I hire them for the long term?

We have a robust process for hiring remote employees, and you can examine the process yourself before actually hiring an employee. Our process goes like this:

  • First, send your requirement to the ValueCoders team, and our recruitment team will shortlist the best candidates for you.
  • You can interview the candidates and select the best one. Finally, we will help you with the paperwork and the onboarding process.
  • At ValueCoders, we have a rigorous selection process that helps us to find the best talent in the market.
  • We also provide all our employees with training and support so that they can be productive from day one.
  • You can assess the candidates over a phone or video call
  • If you like the resource(s), pay for the trial time and onboard resource(s)

How do ValueCoders remote developers work?

ValueCoders know that communication is the key for remote developers. We use the most advanced tools to keep in touch with colleagues and clients. We also use project management tools to stay organized and on track.

Our remote developers are very self-motivated and organized. They stay on top of their work without much supervision.

Our developers work according to the client’s convenience to coincide with their regular business hours.

How long does the newly hired remote developers' team take to get started on my project?

This depends on the project’s complexity and the developer’s experience level. They will need some time to ramp up and get up to speed on your project. Depending on these factors, it could take a few days or even a week. Once they get a grasp, they work efficiently.
If you hire remote developers from ValueCoders, you should be assured that our experts are pre-vetted and highly skilled and can match pace with your project in the minimum ‌time.

I am non-technical. Can ValueCoders assure me of quality and seamless delivery?

ValueCoders is a reliable, quality-driven software development company that promises seamless delivery to all its clients, regardless of their technical expertise. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, ValueCoders has a proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re looking for a simple website or a complex enterprise application, ValueCoders can assure you of quality and seamless delivery. Our team of expert developers has years of experience in delivering seamless software solutions.

You can be confident that we will deliver on our promise of quality and seamless delivery. We have a proven track record of satisfied clients who have benefited from our services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Is it cheaper or more expensive to hire remote developers?

The cost of hiring remote developers can vary depending on several factors.

  • The hourly rate for a remote developer may be lower than that of a local developer, but if you need to hire multiple developers for a project, the total cost may end up being higher.
  • It’s important to consider the cost of training and onboarding remote workers – if these costs are high, it could offset any savings from lower hourly rates.
  • If you’re hiring a remote developer in a country with a low cost of living, they may be willing to work for less than someone in a country with a high cost of living.
  • Experienced developers tend to charge more than entry-level developers.

So, the cost of hiring a remote employee varies based on these multiple factors. However, hiring developers from a developing country costs less than hiring from a developed country because of the low wage scale. So, if you are looking to hire a remote employee, India is one of the most preferred destinations.

How soon can I get replacement of developer if requested?

If you’re unhappy with your current developer for any reason, we’ll be happy to replace them within 72 hours. We know how important it is to have a great development team, and we want to make sure you’re always working with the best. So if you ever feel like you need a change, just let us know, and we’ll work to get someone new on your project ASAP.

What are the benefits of custom software development?

There are numerous benefits of custom software development, the most important of which is that it can provide businesses with a competitive edge. Being a part of software service companies, we design custom software specifically for the needs of a particular business, and so it can be far more effective and efficient than off-the-shelf software. 

  1. Increased efficiency and performance
  2. Customization as per your unique processes
  3. Sensitive toward handling critical data
  4.  70% recorded cost savings

Do you build custom software for enterprises?

Yes, absolutely! Among all Indian software development companies, we are an enterprise software development company with 17+ years of experience in delivering custom software solutions. Many of our clients are enterprises, and we have a 97% customer retention rate. 

As a software making company, our range of enterprise software application development services includes CRM software, ERP software, dApps, enterprise mobility apps, banking applications, and many other customized software development services.

Could you show me a portfolio and testimonials from previous clients?

Yes, to see our portfolio as a software developer company and our software development company services you can visit our portfolio section. Also, you can check video testimonials of some of our clients in our testimonial section that prove our worth as software development service providers.

Do you guarantee the security and confidentiality of our intellectual property?

Yes, as a software programming company we cover this clause in the IP contract, and an NDA is also signed between ValueCoders and the customer specifying the same. Like other software development companies in India, we cover the same clause in the contract signed between ValueCoders and its employees. In addition, we strictly audit our processes and train employees on a regular basis. These efforts ensure that our customers’ intellectual property is always secure.

What methodologies do you use in your work?

Being among the software engineering firms, the main methodology we use in our work is Agile, although the choice may depend on a particular project. Working as a part of software services companies an iterative approach to the work on the project provides us with the opportunity to regularly improve the product quality, and also constant customer feedback.

Can you make changes to a product that other developers have already started?

Yes, we can. Like all other IT software development companies our software engineers are well versed in various technologies and will practically always be able to continue the product started by some other team.

What are the types of software you can build?

We can build software for different management levels:

Enterprise-grade software

Our professionals have expertise in creating software that can manage cross-departmental collaboration and the activities of enterprises. Such software can be accessed by multiple users and has a hierarchy of user permissions and roles.

Departmental software

Being a part of computer software development companies our experts analyze the needs of your employees within a specific department. Like other software programming companies, our professionals uncover functional capabilities unavailable in the market with tailor-made software through software and services company.

Business process management software

Our experts address a specific workflow of any business and uncover possibilities of automation that can be enabled by customized software development companies.  We form a part of software developer companies and integrate a plethora of software systems in order to ensure the continuity of the business workflow.


Can you create software for different business needs?

Yes, as a software solution company we create software for the specific needs of the businesses:

  • Enterprise resource & process management
  • Customer-centered software
  • Supply chain management
  • Knowledge & productivity apps
  • Business analytics
  • Internet-connected processes
  • Financial management & accounting
  • Emergency & security




How you plan delivery of custom apps?

Custom application development is the process of creating software from scratch to address the specific needs of an organization. As a software service company here’s how we build software:

1. Discovery (if you don’t have requirements specifications yet)

2. Project planning

3. Architecture, UX, and UI design

4. MVP launch (upon request)

5. Development and testing

6. Deployment and setup

7. After-release maintenance

8. Continuous application support (on demand)


Comparative Analysis : In-House, Freelancers Or ValueCoders

There are many options available for hiring your IT talent. Some of these options are hiring an in-house talent, working with freelancers, or get offshore experts with us. Let’s do a comparative analysis of these options:

  • Factor
  • Time to get right developers
  • Time to start a project
  • Recurring cost of training & benefits
  • Time to scale size of the team
  • Pricing (weekly average)
  • Project failure risk
  • ValueCoders
  • 1 day - 2 weeks
  • 1 day - 2 weeks
  • 0
  • 1 day - 2 weeks
  • 1.5X
  • Extremely low, we have a 98% success rate
  • In - House
  • 4 - 12 weeks
  • 2 - 10 weeks
  • $10,000 -$30,000
  • 4 - 16 weeks
  • 2X
  • Low
  • Freelance
  • 1 - 12 weeks
  • 1 - 10 weeks
  • 0
  • 1 - 12 weeks
  • 1X
  • Very High

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