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Get access to a pool of certified Golang developers to build scalable, reliable, and robust Cloud-native solutions. ValueCoders has the best offshore Golang developers in India, having expertise in Go Build, Go Test, Go FMT, Go Run, Github, etc.

We build optimized, scalable, and modular business logic APIs using Golang technologies. Our team has a solid working knowledge of GIN, GoORM, Echo, ReactJS, common constructs, paradigms, idioms, and channel patterns.

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  • CMMI level3 certified processes
  • Experts in building mobile, web, and desktop software
  • No Interview Headaches. Quick Onboarding
  • 5+ Yrs Avg Exp.

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Expertise Of Our Golang Developers

Our team of offshore Golang programmers is dedicated to rapidly deploying Golang application development projects and providing reliable ongoing support. If you have specific needs, our dedicated developers are here to help.

Frontend and Backend Development

Hire Golang programmers in India for building robust web solutions in diverse industries. We support both frontend using HTTP middleware and backend development using GoORM, Routines, channels, etc.

Cloud Solutions

We possess expertise in deploying GoApps on Google cloud. Go runs on Google Cloud, and is fully supported on Google Kubernetes Engine, Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Run, and Cloud Functions.

Blockchain Development

Our Golang backend experts implement the blockchain node software using Solidity, or EVM bytecode. We support both Ethereum and Hyperledger fabric.

Migration & Upgradation

Our offshore Golang programmers India helps you migrate your business applications to the Golang language and keeps your apps updated with the changing market needs.

AI Development

Our developers are experts in multiple machine learning libraries like GoLearn, GoML, GoMind. We also use Gorgonia, which is useful for machine-learning graph computation.

Concurrent Apps Development

Hire offshore Golang programmers to develop concurrent apps that make multi-threading implausibly quick and effortless.

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Why Choose Golang For Web Development?

Golang is a robust system-level language introduced by Google to achieve better performance over C ++ and Java. It is majorly used for programming on large-scale network servers and large distributed systems.

Fast Fast


Golang is a compiled language, so code runs fast and uses fewer resources than other languages.

Strong Error Detection Strong Error Detection

Strong Error Detection

Golang is statically typed, which helps catch errors early in development.

Advanced Memory Management Advanced Memory Management

Advanced Memory Management

It has garbage collection, so there is no need to worry about memory management.

Concurrency Concurrency


Go has built-in support for concurrency, which allows multiple tasks to be executed simultaneously.

Scalable Scalable


The syntax is clean and concise, making it easy to read and write code and scale solutions.

Strong Typing Strong Typing

Strong Typing

Go is a statically typed language, which helps catch errors early in the development process.

Why Hire Golang Developers from ValueCoders?

We have a team of dedicated Golang programmers who build high-end Golang web solutions that bring exceptional business results. Some reasons you should hire us are:

Golang Developers
Maintain Oversight
& Control
IP rights
Flexible Engagement
No Contract Lock-Ins
100% In-House Staff
Vetted Talent
18+ Years in
650+ In-house Software
2000+ Man Years
2500+ Satisfied
Valuecoders Valuecoders

Leading Organizations Hire Golang Developers From ValueCoders

Being an excellent Golang development company, our Golang developers always focus on proffering quality solutions to startups, SMEs, and large companies in every industry. Furthermore, we hold 2500+ happy clients. We give them access to the top Indian Golang Developers and other benefits including:

  • Ongoing learning & development programs
  • Quick team scaling
  • Best-in-class project management
  • Global quality standards
  • Time-zone compatibility

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Our Hiring Process

Take a look at our simple and straightforward process to hire software developers from ValueCoders.


We get on a call to understand your requirements and evaluate mutual fitment.

Select Golang Developers

Hire best Golang Developers from our in-house tech pool. Interview & shortlist candidates to quickly find the perfect fit for your team.

Team Integration

Our developers are now a part of your team. Assign tasks and receive daily updates for seamless collaboration and accountability.

Team Scaling

We give you the flexibility to scale your team, be expanding or reducing team size.

Collaborate With The Top 1% Golang Developers In India

Hire a team of Golang developers from ValueCoders who deliver top-notch software solutions for clients globally

Junior Golang Developer

$2000 - $3200

1-3 Years Experienced

Mid Level Golang Developer

$3200 - $4500

3-5 Years Experienced

Senior Level Golang Developer

$3500 onwards

5+ Years Experienced


Learn more about our processes, how our Indian Golang programmers work, and how you can hire Golang developers with the help of the following FAQs

Q. Why choose ValueCoders to hire Golang developers?

Ans. When you’re looking to hire Golang developers, there are certain key features your company should have to be an appealing option. Here are three reasons ValueCoders stands out as a great choice for finding Golang developers:

1) We have a large pool of talented Golang developers
2) We offer competitive rates and are always up for negotiation
3) We provide top-quality development services that meet our clients’ specific needs
4) We have delivered more than 1,000 projects to clients across 125 countries
5) We use the latest tools and technologies to provide our clients with high-quality software solutions

So if you’re looking for someone who can help you with your Golang project, be sure to get in touch with us!

Q. What is the estimated cost of hiring Golang developers?

Ans. The cost of hiring Golang developers varies depending on several factors. However, we can provide some general guidelines based on our experience in the industry.

Golang developers tend to be more expensive than programmers working in other languages. This is because Golang is a relatively new language, and relatively few developers have significant experience using it. Companies are often willing to pay a higher salary for Golang developers to attract talent.

Q. Can Valuecoders provide a dedicated team of Golang developers for my project?

Ans. Yes, ValueCoders can provide a dedicated team of Golang developers for your project. We have a large pool of Golang experts who can work on your project full-time and deliver your desired results.

Here at ValueCoders, we understand the importance of using the right technology for your project. That’s why we offer a wide range of programming languages and frameworks to choose from. And Golang is one of our most popular choices.

Golang is a great choice for projects that require high performance and scalability. Its clean syntax and powerful features make it easy to write error-free and efficient code.

Q. Is Golang preferred for backend or frontend apps?

Ans. Golang is more well-suited for back-end development, while front-end development is typically done in JavaScript or HTML/CSS languages. This is because Golang is a compiled language focusing on performance and scalability, whereas web technologies like JavaScript are interpreted and tend to be more user-friendly.

Ultimately, deciding which language to use for a particular project should be based on the app’s needs and the developers’ skills working on it.

Q. How are ValueCoders Golang developers different?

Ans. Our Golang developers are different because they are experienced in working with the latest web development frameworks and have a deep understanding of the Go language. They are also well-equipped in best practices and tools for web development. In addition, our developers follow rigorous standards and processes for software development solutions and ensure that our clients receive high-quality Golang web solutions.

Q. What are the advantages of using Golang in AI/ML?

Ans. There are several advantages of using Golang in AI/ML, including:

  • It has a built-in garbage collector, which eliminates the need for manual memory management
  • Go offers efficient data structures and algorithms, making it well suited for machine learning tasks
  • It provides strong typing and error checking, which helps avoid programming mistakes
  • The code is easy to read and maintain, making it a good choice for long-term projects

Q. Is Golang good for blockchain development?

Ans. Yes, Golang is an excellent language for blockchain development solutions. It has many of the features needed to develop blockchains, such as robust security and cryptography features. Additionally, it is easy to learn and has a relatively small footprint, making it ideal for blockchain applications that need to run on limited resources.

Q. Can you develop a web based portal in Go?

Ans. Yes, by using the HTTPs middleware we can develop web pages in Go. We can extensively implement Jquery, Javascript, HTML, Bootstrap on web pages. Go is compatible with other Frontend technologies like React, Angular, etc.

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James Kelly Co-founder, Miracle Choice
Judith Mueller Executive Director, Mueller Health Foundation
Kris Bruynson Director, Storloft
Mohammed Mirza Director, LOCALMASTERCHEFS LTD
Mr.Savarni Founder- sbspco.com
Jame Thompson edinstitute.com.au

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